Need some help translating a few choice words/phrases

Howdy. I've recently gained an interest in the Coptic language, not only for a personal project I'm working on, but simply from a historical perspective. I've spent the past couple of days pouring over online sources on Coptic grammar, Coptic dictionaries, etc. but I've run in to a road block: some of the most important words and phrases I'm looking to get translated I can't seem to find the translations for. I'd be very grateful to anyone who might be able to help me translate the following list of words and phrases into Coptic in the Bohairic dialect:

Count (as in Count Dracula)
King of Kings
High King
High Priest

And one more thing; How would epithets be structured in a Coptic name. For instance, how would "Mark the Evangelist"'s name and title be written in Coptic?

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time and I wish the best you all.


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    Dear @thesixthsheik,
    There you go:
    Barony/Castle - kactron (of Greek origin)/Fortress - wth
    Baron (no idea; can't find it in Muawad Dawood's dictionary)
    Baroness (no idea)
    County - ,wra
    Count (as in Count Dracula) (not sure)
    Countess (not sure)
    Duchy (can't find it either)
    Duke (no idea)
    Duchess (no idea)
    Kingdom - metouro
    King - ouro 
    Queen - ourw
    Empire (no idea)
    Emperor - autokratwr (p)
    Empress - autokratwr (t)
    Prince (can't find it)
    Princess (can't find it)
    King of Kings (ouro `nte niourwou)
    High King - ouro ef[oci
    Governor - ref]hap
    Mayor/Patrician - no Coptic Bohairic but there is Sa'idic word, let me know if that's what youm want
    Temple - ervei
    Priest - ereuc
    High Priest - ar,yereuc
    Oujai qen P[c
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    Thank you very much, @ophadece. This is a huge help.  As for the Sa'idic word for Mayor/Patrician, I would be interested in it, yes.

    Edit: Oh and what would 
    "Queen of Queens" 
    "Governorship" be?
  • Dear @thesixthsheik,
    Sorry for the late reply.. 
    The Sa'idic word for mayor is lasane
    ]ourw `nte niourwou (= queen of queens); plural is the same word for masculine and feminine
    I don't know what you mean by governorship; do you mean "government"?
    Oujai qen P[c
  • Don't worry about how fast you reply, I'm a patient person haha. Governorship is kind of an awkward word, but I meant something like "region", "territory" or "domain". A word for the land a Governor would govern. Apologies to tack on even more things, but I was curious if there are Sa'idic or Bohairic words for "republic" and "chief"? Thank you once again for your help.
  • Just a question ;
    Why these words specifically ?
    God Bless!
  • komyc - Governor, prince, count. according to the dictionary i used, not sure how accurate it is. orphadece can verify
  • Hi @thesixthsheik and @PiOnkh
    Sorry again for being this late in replying. First things first, the word that @PiOnkh found is of a Greek origin, but as he rightly said it does refer to "prince; governor". 
    Region - ,wra
    Territory - komitaton (of Greek origin, same root of the word that @PiOnkh kindly gave)
    Domain - 'ws
    Republic - some people use the Greek word politia (not so used in Muawad Dawood's dictionary; i.e. has another meaning) but I would use ,wra
    Chief - ave
    oujai qen P[c
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