On St. Dioscorus and the Synod of 449.

Hello brethren. I am rather new to Oriental Orthodoxy, and even newer to this website, so I’m quite excited to use it. Now I grew up in an ex-Catholic Hispanic protestant household, and soon after wanting to leave protestantism, I’ve researched about Orthodoxy for over a year. I have my friends who I’ve gained from this, mostly Eastern Orthodox because that was the direction I was headed to at the time, eventually I felt that I needed to become Oriental, and many of course were disapproving of this. I have one particular friend who is becoming more and more harsh towards in his sentiment towards Copts, and today he mentioned the “Anti-Canonical” actions of St. Dioscorus, and I’ve obviously heard of the ordeal before but I’ve never fully looked into it, and I’ve tried finding information on this. If you guys can share what you know, that would be magnificent. God bless you all.
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