Bishop Suriel Resignation

The link above is the resignation letter of HG Bishop Suriel from His post of Bishop. 
Keep the Church in your Prayers...


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    This is the most mysterious resignation letter. ...why is he resigning? Is he resigning because there is a movement within his flock that is calling for him to step down? I think many bishops at one time face this sort of criticism from the congregations at several points in their life. Why now? Does he feel the issue is causing a stumbling block for his salvation and the salvation of his congregation? Also can a bishop just resign? The lettter showed a very emotional bishop who for one page details his achievements and the next page details why the flock made it so difficult for him to go even further in his ministry. Just the optics of this is pretty bad in my view. I think the synod will accept the resignation just because if he continues to serve in Australia he will have this cloud of resignation associated with him.

    There is obviously so much more to the story I am going off the letter alone ...but the letter had very vague information
  • I tried to put Sayedna' letter here but I've written it down.

    I have never been one to seek after offices or titles or thrones like the wordy do. I only seek the desert life of solitude, the sacraments, and our God.
    My prayer is that you continue to worship the Holy Trinity in truth. I hope your prayers for me are the same. My single request is that you allow me the peace of my decision and the obscurity that comes with it - for sadly, it is final, has been long considered, and will not be changed. I freely write this with my own hand.
    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

    Bishop of Melbourne.
  • Imagine the political, social and personal stress and responsibilities a Bishop requires. He is, after all, a monk. Perhaps he just wants to lead the monastic life he desires?
  • but being ordained a bishop is the responsibility info front of God for his flock. it may be hard for him but I think that in time God will give him patience and guide him and strengthen him. whatever the situation resignation is the easiest path. I pray that he changes his decision. Throughout the bible the Lord puts a person some stumbling blocks. I am no one to judge because the first stumbling block I would falter but at least you learn from it. giving up is the easiest way out and I don't think that God would prefer that as he asks us to strive in whatever we do even if small or big tests are put in our way.

    I Pray for the church and H.G. but hoping that like job stood his ground in whatever came his way in the old testament he also stands his ground in the talents that the Lord gave him.

    I don't know him personally but hope that whatever stumbling block is in his path that God remove it and that sayedna serves his congregation as a shepherd that flocks his sheep.

    the church in every direction needs prayers and bishops monks priests and deacons and congregation also need prayer all the way to HH pope Tawadros. let us all lift are hearts and minds to God to intervene and give him strength info whatever path God now chooses for him.
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