Remarriage in the coptic church

I went to Egypt and got married I ran back to America and didn’t look back ex Husband Filed for annulment and was granted to him but was not granted to me I didn’t know because I had told myself I would never go back to the Coptic church , 10 years later I found myself back at the Coptic church with my 6 years of marriage now husband from a different church and a four year old daughter we are in this Coptic church and this priest our Abouna is loving and inviting and God is so good and we are working together to get married I. He Coptic church and he can get baptized in the Coptic church . What kind of ceremony marriage would we have ? Thank you and God bless pray for me


  • dear sister, this is above our pay grade. I pray God will guide yr priest and bishop to give you the best advice and support.
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