Burned out on Greek EO.

I love the people at my EO church but there are some issues that make me feel unwell there. I don't know what to believe anymore. I'm almost inclined towards one nature of Christ but I want to know what makes Oriental holy. What can I read where Orientals have direct experience of Christ. Are there books by modern saints where they have direct experience of Christ? This is important to me.
Also, I would like to attend once . I'm in Kolkata. Besides Malankara, are Jacobite Syrian in communion? What about Armenian Church in Kolkata? I suffer from brain damage and social problems to just go ahead and call.
Thank you for your support.


  • hi brother,
    yes, the malankara and jacobite syrian orthodox churches are both in communion with all oriental orthodox (OO). they fell out of communion with each other because of some disputes over land and property (from what i can tell from their internet posts, i have never been to india).
    we pray they will heal their rift soon.
    armenian orthodox (as opposed to armenian evangelical or catholic) are in communion with us too.
    there are lots of OO churches in india, so please go ahead and visit.

    99% of OO also consider EO to be also fully orthodox, so i don't think you necessarily need to leave your church, but please ask God for guidance and follow His path for you so that you come to know Him more closely.
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