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Hi everyone!
I feel really nervous when I think about confession. I don't think I'm comfortable telong my FOC, i dunno y.... If anyone can help plz, i need it


  • Think of him as a friend, that's kind of hard, but it's possible for u to think of him as a frined who u can share ur personal life with him, and his advices will be true and right, so u have to take his advices, but first of all think that he is just a friend that u can tell him everything. The good thing is that FOC would give u advices, but they will never judge u, unlike other friends, FOC wouldn't hunt u back with what u told him about. He is just there to listen and to give u the advices that u need..

    Hope that helped
  • thanks... :D that helpes. Now, just pray for me to have the courage, lol

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