Kalos Aki Sharon- Owoh ten, Kiahky Owoh tenjinmoshi, ef-er aboleven?

In the Kaloc Ak`i Saron lyrics on here, it says that the verses can be said in certain tunes besides the famous one that many people know. It mentions the annual We Follow You tune, as well as 3 other hymns that I don't recognize- Ouoh Ten, the Kiahky owoh tenjiinmoshi, and the ef-er aboleven on the enthronement tune. Does anyone have recordings and lyrics to those hymns, and a recording of the entire hymn said in this lesser known way?


  • Sorry I just noticed this. There is an old HICS recording of the first verse in Tenouweh tune. There is also a recording of the whole hymn by HCOC on their Papal Hymns recordings. I'll research more and get back to you.
  • So the first tune is the annual tenoweh Ensok tune. The next one is the festive tune of the doxologies. Next is techosi, the verse after teoi enhikanos, finally the enthronement tune is part of the end of tee meet esnooti.
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