How to ask for the Saint's intercession?

When raised Catholic there seemed to be at least one somewhat elaborate prayer for each Saint.
In the Coptic church Mary comes up a lot in the Hours and Liturgy and of course in the Liturgy many litanies to the Saints.
But what about in personal prayer? Anything more than "Saint (name), pray for us?


  • Hey Nick,

    There are not that many personal, organized prayers for Saints in the Coptic church. A majority of Saints are celebrated through Liturgical hymns or, like you said about various Litanies, dependent on the church calendar.

    I grew up Catholic and I have many Catholic friends. I even taught my Sunday school kids the, "Michael, Michael of the morning..." from a Catholic prayer.

    I believe it is more of a cultural thing based on the communal style of Eastern Christianity. Copts have a more mystical approach to personal prayer as compared to almost bureaucratic form of organized prayers in Catholicism.

    I love Saint Moses the Black. But, I find that when I celebrate his feast day, which was sweet this year because it was on a Sunday, and study his life, I grow deeper in my love of Christ. That may be a good thing to not focus solely on the Saints, but use their lives as guides for our ultimate goal.
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