Amazing Orthodox Website

A really solid website on most Orthodox theology and dogma that a friend of mine runs. 

Would appreciate it if you could give it a look :) 


  • looks interesting, but like the website recommended by mrpete33 (
    it has no information about the author.

    it would be like me (a non engineer) writing a website about hydroelectric power in china. i know nothing about engineering or about china, but i could post my opinion anonymously and no one would check if it was true.

    i know this forum here is also anonymous, but we have moderators, so if someone posts 'the orthodox church believes dinosaurs still exist in east london today', someone else would quickly correct this untrue opinion.
    but on anonymous blogs, we don't know how seriously to take the opinion of the poster, especially if there are no patristic references given.

    so please ask your friend to put some references or sources in or tell us about himself/herself. a full lifestory is not necessary (!), but something like 'i am a reader in a coptic orthodox church in australia and am studying a part time course in theology' would be useful.

  • Hello, I've taken you're feedback on board and created an 'About Me' page. Hope u enjoy the site
  • wow, beautiful story :)
  • Thank u Mabsoota, it's all a product of God's amazing love, grace and mercy
  • I like the website very much. 

    I am a bit jealous of your background. You are so lucky to be able to switch between the Greek and Coptic Churches. 
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