Question about prayers

Hi, first of all sorry if i'll make some grammatical errors and second i know that this question has already been asked but i still don't get the answer, please make me understand ç_ç.
My question is "how does my prayers are answered by god". for example if have a test and i studied for it, then i prayed god to help me in passing this test, how will he help me? i mean god will not do something "concretely": i studied and there are questions which i'll answer with the knowledge i have acquired. another example, if i have a jobless friend and i pray for him to find a job what will god do? i don't know why i used those examples, they were the firsts to come to my mind xD.


  • God will always answer a prayer, but he can answer it like a traffic light: he can give it to you right then (green), he can delay it (yellow), or he can say no entirely (red).
    Now the concept of doing your part fitting in with God knowing everything past and future is a bit confusing: God knows you're going to pray and study, but he also knows which is better: doing well or not. So God may change what seems unchangeable (a test made before you started studying) based on that.

    Now I love the example of praying for a job. If God gives you the "green light", you'll get that job! If he gives the "yellow light", you may not get that one but find another later on that is much better that you wouldn't have even reached if you'd just gotten that first job! Or, God can say not to give you any job in order to reveal His plan for you- it may be in a different field of work!
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