God's Will vs. Ours

What happens if we pray about something amazing with lots of faith, but it contradicts with God's will?

For example, I had a friend who was extremely sick, his family, friends and I were praying for their healing for 2 years. However, this person departed recently, I'm assuming that at least 1 of us must have had more faith than a mustard seed. Also I fully understand that their death isn't necessarily a bad thing but simply a departure (Especially since she was a very holy person).
Does God consider our prayers even if they contradict His will? Or does His Will prevail?
Wouldn't that make prayer in certain cases pointless? (Obviously not pointless because we receive amazing gifts, but pointless for the sake of the cause we're praying for).

Pray for me please.


  • My prayers for you Abanoob.

    God's will is in many things including mercy, blessings, love and forgiveness etc...
    When we seek His salvation it is there too. I'm sure if your friend sought Holiness, then we would find the comfort that in her heart her salvation was according to God's will and that salvation is with death but also the life after. This is a change and some changes are hard and might not seem right especially if we loved someone so much. Because we pray sometimes alot it doesn’t mean we can expect what we want to happen to happen because God will is to return to Him. We treat all situations with love and accept death even when it is hard.

    Your friend was holy and had a joyful life maybe that is what we should think about her that she will be with the God who is love.
    There is someone out there who knows her love and has a part of her in them, just as Christ is in us.

    God bless.
  • When the book of life is opened then I'm sure the account of your friend will be good as the love she gave and ir showed in all the people that prayed for her. I'm sure God listened and it accounted to her in the book of life.
  • Also was Abouna there with you, supporting you? For his comforting spiritual words
  • Yes, thank God many priests and Bishops and God-fearing people that made the experience much better. It was revealed to me through God's grace if that's the girl was experiencing much pain in her last days and that she wished for her departure to heaven and she was granted as she wished. It was also made clear to me through Philippians 1:22-24 that it was more needful for us her friends and relatives for her to stay in the body but it was far better for her to the farm be with Christ. Thank you for your support may the Lord be with you keep me in your prayers.
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