What happened to the Coptic Christians in Tbilisi and other places in Georgia?

Hi everyone! Christ is Risen! 

My fiancé and I are considering to get married in Georgia because of our complicated situation

Does anyone know if there is any Coptic Christians who still live in Georgia? Do they have a priest? Does anyone know a priest or anyone who is well informed about this? We will ask the priest we know also of course, when we have the opportunity. 
There used to be a Facebook page for Coptic Christians in Georgia (last saw it in 2016), but it seems to have been deleted. Can't find another one, but maybe there is one which is only in Arabic.. does anyone know?

One article mentions that the Copts in Tbilisi used to rent a Roman Catholic Church each Wednesday morning, but that was in 2013, I'm only finding information from 2013.  Maybe there isn't even a Coptic priest in Georgia anymore. 

Thanks for reading and thanks for any help and advice in advance.  

Hope you have a great day full of joy!

-And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 


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