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Hello everyone,
My name is Joe, I have been reading and learning a lot from your opinions for the past few years, I finally got an account to learn much more !
Now it is my first time writing :)
My first ever question is...

For the Verses of Cymbals which Saints do you like to mention, for me...
Resurection/Holy 50 Days
-Adam/Batos Introduction
- A Pi,rictoc/Loipon/<ere Tef Anactacic...
-Saint Mary (Both)
-Archangel Micheal (Resurection)
-Saint Mary Magdalene
-Saint Longinus the Soldier
-Church Saint (Patron)
-Iycouc Pi`,rictoc ` nÈcaf...

Or on annual days...
-Adam/Batos Introduction
-Saint Mary (Both)
-4 Archangels
-4 Martyrs
-4 Virgins
-4 Saints 
-4 Fathers
How about you ? :)


  • Pi`<rictoc Aftwnf

    Your order for the Holy 50 is mistaken, at least regarding what I have been taught. There are 8 introductions to the Verses of the Cymbals:
    -Adam Annual
    -Vatos Annual
    -The above two in the festive tune (minor feasts of the Lord outside of Lent and the 50)
    -Mournful (Neknai o Panouti)
    -Holy 50 (A Pi-Ekhristos Pennouti)
    --Under this category fall those of the Ascension and Pentecost feasts
    -Major festive days (Ten-oo-osht in the long tune)
    -Bright Saturday (Ten-oo-osht in the short tune)

    You cannot say more than one of these. Therefore, you skip the normal introduction (Annual Adam or Vatos) and go straight into A Pi-Ekhristos.
    I'm also not sure why St. Longinus is included in the 50 Rites. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Longinus is the soldier who pierced the side of Christ and then confessed. I do not believe he has a verse, much less in that position.

    Regarding the annual tune, I admire your commemoration of all 4 Archangels and so many martyrs and fathers!
  • Im gonna answer just collecting all my sources, not to make stuff up
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