Hymn of Demas Lyrics and Hymnology

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So this lesson exists of a hymn called Wouniatk `n;ok w Dimac and I noticed the words do not match up with those on here, nor with Fr. Isaiah's recording. I asked some of the other deacons at my church and said that Fr. Isaiah's recording was some bogus thing, and not what Moa3lem Mikhail had recording. If you check the comments of this video I linked, Peter (the person doing the lesson) defends his use of the hymn, citing that HCOC Canada has verified this.
Personally, I believe this is a much more fitting hymn for the season than Fr. Isaiah's version, since this has portions from <rictoc Anecti and Vai etafEnf and the long 3rd Hoos, which all seem fitting. 
Does anyone have the full Coptic lyrics, and any input on whether this hymn is valid?

Pray for me.


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