About to convert, please help... Need prayers and guidance

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My story is long and complicated, but I am a single female, currently living in Cairo. I hold a Saudi passport, except I haven't really lived there (or in the Arab world for that matter), and my Arabic isn't that great. Most of my friends here in Cairo are Copts, they are family to me, people I've known for years. I grew up around Christians as well (I went to Catholic school). I am not going to get into the wheres, whys and hows of my upbringing/family background/etc., because it could put my life (and theirs) at risk. I am eager to finally accept Jesus after years of contemplation and secret longing (I was more of a spiritual theist, like my father, though we were outwardly Muslim), I can no longer ignore what's in my soul...but I am also extremely fearful. I will be getting baptized soon, it will be a very private affair (you can imagine why). I am sad and frustrated that I'll have to keep my faith/conversion a secret for as long as I remain in the Arab world...I could get killed for it, due to my nationality, and the ones who helped me convert could get targeted by extremists if word got out. But I know with all my heart and soul that the Lord is with me, with us. This is my cross to bear. I considered escaping to the States, to seek asylum. I could assume a new identity, be my true self, freely practice my faith, and have a chance to live a normal life...but my father is old and ill, and I feel guilty leaving him behind. What would you do if you were in my situation? Please pray for me...any sort of advice will be greatly appreciated.
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  • Hello ,sister
    I think serving christ via your sick old father is more important than going to USA for attending a church freely..
    The christ is in your home. He is in the old sick not in churches abroad
    However you should always be smart and wise not to reveal your faith tell your father rest in peace .. The situation is very bad here in Egypt with the converters.
  • When Islam first came to Egypt, Christianity suffered greatly (persecuted) and even the Coptic language deminished.
    The Christianity was not to be shown so much and to be hidden.
    God whom searches in our hearts looks to the inner man, so to have it hidden is no stranger to Coptic Christians. And when we look at the cross we see the Christ who suffered for us and we join Him in that and have it hidden that our dealings are with Him with repentance and prayer.
    Are you able to hide yourself in your heart about wanting to convert?

    I pray God leads you to a place where you are safe.
  • may God give you courage and peace. he will show you the right path, just take it step by step.
  • Thank you my brothers. I will be baptized right after Easter, and words cannot express how much I am looking forward to it.
  • God bless and with you always. Mabsoota is your sister. God bless her as well and pm her as she will help you with good advice as she is kind in God's service.
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