How Specific Should My Confession Be?

Hey guys,

I lusted over my Father of Confession's wife recently, so I feel uncomfortable confessing that I lusted towards her when I confess next week. How specific do I have to be when confessing? Can I just say I lusted in general, or do I have to mention I lusted against his wife?


  • You only need to confess the sin. Specifics are only needed when you see it fit as a means to determine progression or a request to deal with a specific scenario. Otherwise, no specifics needed, just the sin. God be with you!
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    I think some common sense is needed in this situation. 
    Why would you possibly want to tell a priest that you lusted for his wife?(why would you even mention that on a public forum?) What would you have to gain from telling him? 
    I'm sure this isn't the first time you lusted, were you just as specific all the other times and mention the names of the people you lusted over? Or do you feel like you need to mention it to you father of confession?
    Again, some common sense is needed.
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