What does it mean to have freewill?


I want to know whether you believe in freewill, and how do you define freewill?

Is it the possibility to make a choice? Well, computers do make choices.

Is it becoming aware of the choice? Then, really, you can become aware of any choice but doesn't make it yours too.

If God knows what I am going to do, then, I can't have chosen otherwise. If I am predictable, I am just a machine.

Freewill just follows the causal chain of events as any physical system of the universe, what makes it 'free'?

This issue is very very hard for me to swallow and I'd like to hear your input.



  • Coincidentally, i watched this yesterday: 
    Listen to the first 5 mins and tell me what you think. 
  • Does this mean to stop searching for the truth? Because, we are not somehow able to know the answer?

    We can at least partly get the answer, if not fully.
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    If we get the answer the whole argument falls apart--if the creation can comprehend or understand the creator, then he is not a creation. I am not say to stop searching. But most of what we have is the "shadow" of what is true. 

    That being said, you cannot limit God's knowledge. He is All-knowing and All-powerful. Giving the freewill to humans out of His ultimate power doesn't diminish His knowledge or ability to see outside time, because He is Timeless while we are created to exist in time. 

    It's not hard to see this in our world today. You knowing what's right or wrong doesn't mean that you will always choose what right or even what's wrong. You have the choice to choose, and to act in different ways while ready to accept the consequences. So you can separate knowledge from will. Knowledge, is the info you get to then will to do something.  
  • Ah, I see.
    But knowledge means determinism, right?
  • I don't think so. I don't see how knowing about something will force you to always act with the same response. I am not really talking about a characteristic of God...I am trying to understand why would knowledge imply taking the same action to us as humans. 
  • @RaafatAbualazm

    Pope Shenouda have a nice chapter on Freedom In Chapter 2 of his book called Ten concepts. Hope that helps!

    You can find a PDF here:
  • @minatasgeel

    To know something for sure means that there are no other possibilities.
    You know the roots of an equation because they are determined; they can't have any other solution.


    Thanks for the recommendation. I will see it as soon as possible.

    Sorry for the late reply. My friend was killed and I didn't have the nerves to do anything.
  • sorry for late comment, have been too busy to log in for few wks. v sorry to hear yr friend was killed. may God give u peace. one of our names for the spirit of God is the Comforter (mu'aza in arabic) i pray u find comfort in this hard time
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