Disobeyed Abouna’s direction

I am just going to dive in and ask this question . I am new and moved to a new church and Abouna told me that if people start asking personal questions like for example what church where u and husband baptized are you and your husband orthodox etc that I should say it’s personal is it because for there own good that they do not look at me all improper or what not or so I do not embarrass myself because I feel the Lord has brought me to where I am today and I am not ashamed of where or what I have done so I was very careful the past weeks about saying it but today someone asked me a question after question and I answered and that means I didn’t obey Abouna directions and now I feel guilty did I talk to much was I blabbing ughh I feel so weird I don’t want to mess anything up


  • You didn't mess anything up!

    I encourage you to open dialogue with your father the priest. He is your father and he loves you!

    It may be that he didn't want you to feel obligated to answer questions from other people, or didn't want you to be put in an uncomfortable situation. If you are not Egyptian, for example, the Egyptians might be a little overwhelming at first. In other cultures, I think people are more hesitant to openly asking personal questions.

    Ask him!
  • I am Egyptian and was born into the Coptic church and strayed away for many years . Now the Lord has led me back into the church and it’s so difficult because my husband and I were not married in the Coptic Church. When we married he was Jewish and then three years into marriage he told me he wanted to get baptized and believes Jesus is our Lord . Praise be to God . I was always against converting someone just for marriage and the Lord did this and now we are here coming to the Coptic church and I am learning so much and can not stand to even miss one program so every time church is open I am there praise be to God . But now everyone is starting to ask questions and I am becoming overwhelmed I just want to focus on praising God. But I feel so awkward I don’t know how to politely decline to answe and when I do they are so persistent I do believe it’s for their sake so they do not judge and sin maybe I am prideful but am just human and want to be able to praise my God without everyone staring thank you again and I will ask Abouna
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