What is the difference between worshipping God and Glorifying God?

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Are there individual meanings to each of these?
Also for Praising God/Blessing God.

I know we have at least used "glorify" in the context of saints. Does this mean there is a difference between worship and Glorification?


  • Worship and glorify are definitely too different things, especially when it comes to the saints. When we glorify the saints, we are almost saying "Wow! You guys are so cool! We wish we could be like you!!" However, we DO NOT worship them. To say we worship them means we believe they were strong by their own wills. In reality, God's power gave them the strength to persevere whether through torture or temptation in the wilderness. We only worship God, because we know He alone has true power. By glorifying the saints, we glorify and worship God and His power.
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