Tears: Love/Awe of our Lord

This may seem strange, but I've seen several times people saying that thoughts of Christ and His Love and Mercy cause them to weep/tremble with awe. I've never really had that kind of reaction. I don't really cry frequently, but I have. For example, I cried once when I thought I failed a final (dumb, I know). But then I thought if just the fear of possibly having failed some exam can drive me to tears, why does the 100% knowledge that I have failed my Lord through my sin not bring such a reaction. How can I deal with this? Do you think this is an indication that I do not have a deep genuine love for Him, and how can I fix this?


  • this is a good question for yr confession father. different things make different ppl cry, so there is no single answer that fits all ppl. start by praying and reading the Bible (eg the daily readings) and pray psalm 50 (51) every day and think about how it applies to you
  • Hmmm I am not an expert but I think that it’s okay if you don’t cry and it’s okay if you do cry. You still love God right? That’s all that matters. Like what mabsoota said, you can pray about it. I hope that you can find the answers you need.
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