Does any or only serious heresy put you out of the church ?

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How can we be one with the Eastern Orthodox if they belive Peter is chief apostle. If that was serious heresy it seems the gates of hades prevailed against them and they can’t be part of the true church. Why don’t we believe it if church fathers said it but I guess we interpret it differently that every pope (and maybe even bishop since I heard all bishops are peter) when he holds orthodox faith is peter I believed our interpretation but I forget it now or that is it
When peter was alive I believe he was chief apostle when jesus first met him he called him a stone and peter was mentioned many times before the other apostles

Now they believe in prayer for all the dead maybe not consistent with Maccabees which is worse than purgatory but it may not be official doctrine but it ought still to be condemned

If Rome believes we are a church without accepting that the pope of Rome has supremacy shouldn’t that make them orthodox if they have no heresies just as we accept Eastern Orthodox but it should be if they have no heresy so they don’t need to be rebaptised?

I don’t say others are not Christian or less but they are not true church they teach heresy they need to not teach heresy


  • Sorry I meant Eastern Orthodox believe all bishops are Peter we just believe our church is built on faith just as Peters so we are all part of the church if we hear those who speak truth like Peter and those who truly believe in the Lord believe in all He has said such as that He would build the church with the sacraments and this church
    would be united as Paul says
  • Hi Mike I don't know if it is a heresy for the Roman Catholic church to believe their Pope holds the supremacy for Christ's church. Because the Eastern church may or may not have that veiw; but so does it matter because we know we have adhered closely to the Apostles and the church Fathers.

    Repentance is always what is required.
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