Really need an Abona or experienced servant on this one...

There is something I wanted to make sure was ok.

Is there anything in our faith that talks about our swimwear choices?

I'm a male in late 20's I bought a male thong speedo for tanning purposes. I don't behave in any lewd way other than for the purpose of tanning.

Any input would be truly appreciated.

Pray for me.


  • Don't tan.  You'll get skin cancer.  Put on sun screen, stay under an umbrella, wear something normal and read a book.
  • Honestly, God said that modesty is key to a Christian life ("Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body." 1 Corinthians 6:19-20) 
    So with that being said bro, wearing a thong doesn't exemplify modesty in any way, shape or form regardless of the purpose. I definitely think you need to consult with your father of confession for the ultimate decision but even when girls who wear bikini thongs in public dont resemble or portray children of God. 
    Your body is only to be seen by our Creator and if/when you have a wife and you two become one. Praying for you in this struggle man. Hopefully God opens your mind to see what's really important in spending a lifetime with him after we pass...
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    If you want to tan, that's your choice. I am not sure if wanting to tan has anything to do with modesty or is strictly against anything in our church. Last time I checked, Egypt doesn't have the climatic issues that most of the lands of immigration have; long, cold, and grey winters. This question is probably going to be over strung into some other kind of quarrel. You will find far more theological answers to these types of questions on this forum, and they are all with good intention.

    If you want to tan, and you're rocking a Speedo when you tan, try to cover yourself, or try your best to not strut around slowly and show off your stuff when you're done. Go and change in to a robe, or go to a room and change your clothes. As long as you don't try to use to for sexually suggestive purposes, and it seems that it makes practical sense for you to wear one when you tan, then you should be fine.

    I am a servant and Sunday School teacher and I am from a western culture. My perception may vary from your Abouna or Deacons who grew up in Egyptian culture. As long as you are modest about it and aren't showing off, there is nothing morally objectionable about it that would not be merely cultural differences.
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