History of Chalcedonian Split

Was wondering if anyone could help me find sources on the Coptic perspective of what happened from the Second Council of Ephasus to the Second Council of Constantinople.
For example: when 2 Constantinople clarified the opposition to Nestorianism, why did we not re-enter communion then? If Chalcedon can be interpreted in an Orthodox way, why was it rejected and why is it still rejected? What happened at 2 Ephasus? Why do we recognize it as valid (though not ecumenical) and the EO sees it as a "Robber council"?

Everything I've been able to find has been from the Chalcedonian perspective. Where can I find something from our perspective?


  • Politics dang up everything.
  • dear OP

    V.C Samuel "The council of Chalcedon reexamined"
    Fr Shenouda Maher "Christology and the council of Chalcedon"

    You can purchase these books online or in local churches if they're sold there. 
    There are various articles online on several sites speaking from our perspective if you do the proper search.
    for example this talk by Fr antony paul

  • I was going to recommend the two books Tobit mentioned.
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