Dioscorus and Flavian

So I've seen this story from an EO perspective, and haven't found it from our perspective. Theirs doesn't make us look good though. :/ Anyone have the Coptic side of this?

"It was said Dioscorus had previously gathered 1000 monks, telling them to wait outside the church during the council and to come when he called them. When Dioscorus began to read the sentence of condemnation against Flavian and Eusebius, some bishops went up to Dioscorus asking him not to. Dioscorus called the guards, and the 1000 monks that were waiting outside with some soldiers came in and charged at Flavian and his followers. Flavian ran to the altar and grabbed hold of it for his life. The soldiers and monks forcefully took him from the altar beating him, kicking him, and later whipped him.

Flavian was deported into exile, and died from his wounds a few days later in Lydia. His body was buried in obscurity. It was not until Flavius Marcianus called the Council of Chalcedon that Flavian's body was buried with honor in Constantinople. "


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