St John Chrysostom in Coptic Church

Hey guys,
I was wandering if anyone here knew when the coptic church celebrated the feast of St John Chrysostom, I flicked to the synaxar of November 13th and didn't find it there. Also wandering if there are any hymns (doxologies (Adam or watos) , verses of the cymbals, etc..) for his feast. If they are available somewhere in coptic, I wouldn't mind translating them and making them available here!
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  • 26 nov equals 17 hator. this is equivalent to 13 nov on the 'new' roman calendar.
    he is one of my favourites :)
  • Great quotes for Protestants btw. I know we don't use his Liturgy, but it is still an interesting study. The Great Entrance is something different if you ever go to an EO church.
  • yes, we only do a 'great entrance' at the time of feasts, when the bread and wine enter the church in procession.
    i think there are very many similarities between eastern and oriental orthodox churches, but it is not always obvious how they correspond because of the differences in style and language.
    have you visited many EO churches, italian coptic?
    i have been to antiochian and greek in uk (and russian, but only to vespers) and to romanian liturgies in romania. 
    i like the coptic liturgy best (no, they did not pay me!) because of the greater congregational participation which we encourage, which makes it easier for people to understand what is happening.

    half way down this page, you can link to many sermons by saint john chrysostom (golden mouthed). it is a catholic website, so we don't agree with all the writings of all the ancient preachers on the page, but you can safely read all of saint john's writings, as his theology was orthodox and his lifestyle very humble.
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