The best way to learn coptic?

Dear Tasbeha Community,

I apologise if this query has been addressed elsewhere - using the search function for 'coptic language' or 'learn coptic' ends up bringing lots of results based solely on the keyword 'coptic' making it hard to find a specific discussion on this. If this is the case, I'd be very grateful if someone could direct me to the relevant discussion.

I learnt Coptic over the course of many years, in the most inefficient way possible. 

Yesterday, a member of our church youth approached me and asked me to teach her coptic. I agreed to do so, but do not know the correct approach to take. 

Has anyone recently taught coptic / learnt coptic from complete beginner to advanced level, who could suggest a more optimal method?

If you could also recommend a fast method / second method that is slightly faster, that would be great too, as I will return to another city in a  few weeks to resume my studies at university, and would like to cover as much ground as possible in the limited time I have here. 

Thank you for your assistance and have a merry christmas,
Please pray for me,


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