Good sources for fasting recipes, especially from Orthodox lands?

Hi I'm fairly new to fasting and was curious on good sources for fasting recipes (links or if you just want to post your own)... I thought it might be particularly intetesting to get recipes from Orthodox countries (Oriental or Eastern)


  • I found a kosher recipe here which I've made a few times.
  • Kosheri my phone keeps taking the i off the end.
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  • but is your kusheri kosher?

    my own recipe:
    1. go to local indian or turkish shop.
    2. buy foul medames in various flavours (saudi and egyptian are my favourite, costs less than £1 per 400g)
    3. empty contents into bowl
    4. heat up (optional!)
    serve with stir fried mixed vegetables and some carbohydrate such as potato or bread. here you have a very nutritious meal which takes 15 min to prepare and is very cheap.
    remember, if you heat any type of beans in microwave, cover the bowl with a plate otherwise you will have a small explosion of beans that takes ages to clean up.
  • Lentin Recipes for Orthodox Christians on Facebook. They are EO, but have good recipes for Lent and other fasts. And I totally agree with Indian food. I grew up with a lot of Indians in my neighborhood, and they certainly make some great and spicy vegan/veggie dishes!
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