Advise for sick person with stroke

Hi All, 

Hope the Lord of heavens and earth give you all peace and joy. 

I need an advice, please. I live in the UK soon going to travel to the US San Diego el cajon to see my sick father with multiple strokes he cannot speak almost and he can not stand anymore. 

My father has always been a very angry person and not religious. 

I will very thankful to know which bible chapter to read to him and he might start to repent or i really dont know what is in people hearts. 

Do you know if i can ask coptic priest to come and pray for him? I go to coptic church in England. 

Please pray for me to have strength and wisdom. 

Thank you so much for your help.


  • show him u love him. fast and pray. email nearest priest to his address to see if he is available, but visit yr dad 1st to check if he agrees to see someone.
    clean yr heart by repentance and confession so God will work through u.

    may God guide u and give u very much peace and grace
  • Thank you mabsoota. Hope you are doing great and may the Lord of heavens and earth give you peace and joy. 

    Thanks for your help. Been going for few months and i feel home and love the people there. 

    Thanks for all your help before and now. 
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