This question is for the girls on this site

Hello, I am a college senior and I want to know how you want guys to approach you, who makes the first move and so on. How long should there be a friendship until I formally ask someone out. I think it is important to include I have crippling self esteem issues and I can make and maintain friendships with both genders but cannot bring myself to start a relationship. I don't know what girls would think if they know I asked them out, what they tell their friends and parents; I hope I am not overthinking this, if I am please tell me. Am I simplifying this, complicating it? I don't know if they are just being nice by not walking away in the middle of a conversation or if they are somewhat interested or if its strictly just a friendly conversation. I go to meetings in my church but its hopeless. Please let me know. I am also a deacon, servant if that somehow helps.


  • ask your friend if she likes you, or ask her friends.
    or ask your parents, if you have a good relationship with them.

    basically, ask someone you trust, then that person will tell you if your instincts are right and she likes you.

    if you don't have a lady you like, or who likes you, then you don't have to worry about that at this stage. just be a good friend to your friends, and God will lead you in the right direction.
    take your time - i think a 'college senior' is someone around 21 years old, so chill.

    feel free to get more serious about the issue if you are 31 or 41, otherwise don't waste too much of your free time wondering who you will marry.
  • Thanks for the response! Just a quick thought, I never thought that God really interferes in that stuff; I thought your on your own. I have faith he helps you in other stuff, but in that matter I wasn't too sure. 
  • certainly He is involved in all yr life, He should be the centre of it. do u go to liturgy when there is a sermon? or do u just go midweek when there are shorter services?
    sermons and Bible studies in church should answer most of yr questions.
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