Question about the Incarnation Feast

This may be an uninformed question, but I was wondering why we celebrate the Incarnation on the day of Christ's birth rather than on the day of the Annunciation when St. Mary conceived.


  • We celebrate both feasts, and both are indentified as major feasts in the Coptic Church, and in a very predictable fashion. Since we celebrate the Feast of the Nativity on January 7 (Kiahk 29), then we celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation 9 months before that on April 7 (Baramhat 29). Both feasts are feasts celebrating different events of the incarnation.
  • Interesting. I have known that we celebrate both, but I was very used to hearing the Feast of the Nativity also called the Feast of the Incarnation, so I was unaware that we celebrate the Incarnation at both times. Thank you. :)
  • It's helpful to note that this year the Annunciation and a day in Holy Week (I believe Good Friday but I might be wrong) coincide, and last year it was on the same day as the Last Friday of the Great Fast (Goma3 5etam al S'om) so it was not celebrated.
    Paraphrasing/Quoting from memory Anba Youssef's book The Service of the Deacon: "If the feast of the Annunciation falls between the Last Friday of the Great Fast and the Second Day of Resurrection, it is not celebrated as there are non-recurring days"
  • It is. It is on Bright Saturday. :)
  • This year, one can make a nice contemplation concerning the spiritual correlation of Christ being in the womb of the Theotokos and Christ being in the womb of the earth.
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