Protestant & Orthodoxy doctrine

Can anyone explains what is the main difference between Orthodox & Protestant? now a days it is confusing.
Who is Jesus in Orthodox?
What is Saint Virgin Mary's role in our church?
Also I can't tell the difference between interceding & meditating, can anyone give details on this? Many thanks!!


  • Hi Melos,

    At the very basic the difference between Protestantism and Orthodoxy is the Sacraments. Protestantism stemmed out of Christianity when Martin Luther "protested" against the Church. There were certain changes he wanted in the Church but the Church was not going to accomodate such changes. So he started his own church. Now there are hundreds or thousands of denominations within Protestantism.

    Jesus in Orthodoxy is the Jesus of the Bible - the One prophesied about in the Old Testament. The One who created the world with God the Father and the One God the Father mentions in Genesis. The One who came and taught the Way and gave Himself up to death for our sins. The One who told us that He's coming again. The One who instituted for us the sacraments - baptism, holy chrism, Eucharist, confession, matrimony, priesthood and anointing of the sick. The One who did many miracles. The One who said "do this in remembrance of me" while giving the Eucharist. The One who said "go therefore and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit."

    It is very important to note that the sacraments are instituted by Christ, commanded by Christ, and offered by Christ as the means of salvation and remission of sins.

    This does not mean that our Protestant brothers will perish for lack of sacraments - we know God is merciful.

    For example:
    Heaven is a big house. The safest way to get into the house is through the front door. You could try to go in through a window, or go in through the roof or the balcony, but these are all risky. You could fall or get hurt or cut yourself. The front door is the sacraments - the sure way of entering, as declared by Christ. Any other way is a window, roof or balcony. God's mercy is great - you MIGHT get in. But it's not a guarantee like the sacraments.


    St. Mary's role is simple. She is the Mother of God. She was chosen by God, who found favor in her, to give birth to His Only-Begotten Son. And after she gave birth to Him, her virginity remained sealed. When she reposed, as any other human, her body was taken up to heaven carried by angels, and seen by St. Thomas the apostle.

    We ask for her intercessions, as well as the intercessions and prayers of all the saints. She is our mother, our intercessor.

    Imagine a child goes to his dad and asks for a new video game. The dad might say yes or he might say no. Imagine, instead, the child goes to his mom and says "mom I'm gonna ask dad for the new game. Can you ask him too? Can you ask him on my behalf?" When mom goes to dad and tells him about the video game, it's much more likely that dad will buy it. So mom interceded for the child before dad for the video game.

    In the same way, St. Mary intercedes for us before the Lord for forgiveness of our sins. Intercession is a strengthening of our prayers by the saints and martyrs.

    Meditation, on the other hand, is more of quiet time for personal contemplation. Mesmerizing yourself with the glories of God. It is something you do personally.

    Hope this helps
  • I think he meant "mediating" not "meditating".
  • Hello Tenoosht,
    Thank you very much that was helpful, still my question was, as qwae said it was a spelling error what I meant to say is, not "Meditating" but "Mediating", so, is Jesus intercessor? I was googling to Coptic teaching and what I found is he Mediates, and that confused me a bit, in our church (Ethiopian Orthodox) Jesus doesn't intercede nor mediates can you explain what it is? if we say Jesus is the God for what and for whom do we need the intercession? I have some protestant friends who always tries to change attitude regarding on this also in the Holy Bible there are lots of verses which shows how Jesus intercede Romans 8:34 " Who is he that condemneth, it is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us." also look verse Hebrew 7:25, 2Cor 10:7...... what are these verses pointing? 
    Thank you very much!!!
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