Am I allowed to pray?

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Am I allowed to pray for someone by adding their name to those after the Commeration of the Saints? A workmate asked me to pray for him, however, he is not from the church. I said I will pray for him, then thought of writing his name down and adding it for the alter.


  • the names of those mentioned after the Commemoration are the departed, not the living. As for all other prayers for the living, you're allowed to pray for anyone. 
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    You can always put names of any person with specific prayer requests for them. It's fine. Several times I put some people in the altar for various reasons, exams, health, bring back to the faith, etc. just make sure you make it clear why you are writing their name in that paper so that Abouna does not get confused of where this name belongs. He generally separates the papers in two piles: departed and miscellaneous. The departed he will pray during liturgy (families make the mistake of not making it clear these names are commemoration of the departed; otherwise Abouna will ignore names that have no description), and the miscellaneous he will take after liturgy for his prayers.
  • Thanks Mina'. Yes we pray for the departed and we had three that departed in a very short time about five years ago and I will never forget their kindness. One was a very big part of organizing my wedding and I miss him and I pray he prays for me.
    At work, my asked me to pray and he is suffering a sore back and wants to get another job. So it seemed right to pray to God that he gets the job so he doesn’t have to suffer.
    Thanks once again.
  • I will discuss the prayer with abouna.
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