Secret things belong to the Lord but the revealed to us and our children

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God told us His will for us which is to go in all the world and preach to every creature baptising them. But we know He is a fair and just God. It is not for us to say who is excepted or not because though we can be right in some or many cases we can be wrong in some cases because they may have been witnessed with power.We must treat it like everyone has to obey.

The reason I am bringing this topic is because I believe it could be all Protestants can be saved we can not say for God all those who repent will see the church is true but we can say that as a church. But the reason God does not reveal it to us is because we may treat people bad in the church intentionally or unintentionally and also we may hinder the gospel and think orthodox are not saved but we are. Because I thought to myself if jesus intentionally used parables just as He said so that hearing they may hear and not understand who don't care to do His will and love others and that if communion is similar to a parable or something to not stumble over for those who experience God in their life that could be why no Protestant has been able to explain it to me and come to terms with it because with such knowledge I may stumble others.
I ofcourse believe and teach that that is not an excuse not to join the church if you really think you could be missing communion you have to but on becoming orthodox you should hope for their salvation and consider it a possibility and work to show yourself blameless towards them and not their enemy bringing bad news. I believe also we are not perfect with our knowledge in our behaviour also with non Christians though everyone needs Christ. We can not speak for God but we need Christ. It is hard to understand but those who know God know what it is not to judge. I don't know yet but I hope. It is hard to understand that we do not judge non Christians yet we hold you need to accept Christ. Christ only knows the inward heart of others but that does not excuse that they need to accept Christ. It is hard to understand. I am not going to say Christ knows you did not really reject Him though that is possible but even in that case God wants to know would you ever or in certain case do you choose Me above all. Not everyone needs to be a saint but a saint would always choose God even if He does not fulfill their expectation of perfection as long as He is justified. It is said in psalm 51 for you do not desire sacrifice or else I would give it.
But we have to believe God is perfect or we don't love Him with all our heart. I believe we must believe God will fulfill our expectation of perfection but we should be willing to love Him anyway


  • As mina our moderator said in the below quote when I sent him a private message about an opinion of my posts before which I have to remember

    "no. The topics are not always beneficial because instead of you speaking to your father of concession and spiritual guide about all these things, you making yourself happy but posting instead. "

    I have to also share my thoughts with my father of confession he can be more accurate but he has agreed on many of my important views or his approach is non judgemental thinking others are fully Christian though believing salvation is in the church it being complicated what he is saying and that we leave judging to God while accepting them all as fully Christian it seems though he may not think fulling it is confusing. You may think I need opinion of or to have a different confession father
    I never follow a priest as my teacher only Christ if I know he is saying wrong but in other things I must submit
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