Question on doxology and verses of cymbals

hi i need help in this part
it say shere nak o bi martiros .... shere bi athloforos bi aghios ??? abanob
what is the word that should be in the ??? place
and why here (at 2.44) they say something different of what is written up?
and does someone have the coptic lyrics of this doxology of abanob 
and lastly does someone have the part of the verse of cymbals for st.Marina
sorry for my english xD


  • Dear @AndrewRezk
    The word is Kirie and I believe it is misspelt as it should end in an 'ayya' or "e". It means lord.
    I am not sure what those deacons said in the recording you gave the link for, but I have an inkling they were making things up. There is another title which is sometimes used for St. Abanoub saying "aba Abanoub beramnehisi", which means St. Abanoub the Nihisian (from a town called Nehisi). Take care this aba as in St Mina refers to saint spells with a 'bei' rather than the one with a double 'waida' which refers to clergy ranks, monks, etc.
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • Thank you ophadece
  • As I'm from the church of St. Abanoub, i can provide insight to this.
    1- For the verses of the cymbals, either Piagios Kiri (as in sayyed/master) Apanoub or Apanoub piRemNehis (al-Nehisi) are fine.
    2- There are 2 doxologies- a partial one is floating around online, but a complete one is on the Coptic Reader app put out by the South US Diocese. I cant listen to the recording you have right now, but if it starts "Enthok ou-alou ensav-e" its the CR one.
    3- The general Verse for any female martyr is: Ti-alou en-sav-e emparthenos /ti-sotp enkiria emmi / tishelet ente pi-ekhristos / ti-agia
    St. Marina's is a bit different according to the app ive mentioned:
    Shere ti-alou emparthenos/ ti-semne em-panagia/ tishelet enkatharos / ti-agia emmee Marini
  • ok i found the doxology for abanoub but i can't find an audio of it. is there a place (not coptic reader) where i cant find it?
    sorry for my english
  • I think we should all start learning Coptic as a language in its own right.
  • I'am able to read it. It's easy, but i'm not able to understand the meaning of the words.
  • @Zoxasi consider buying "So You Want to Learn Coptic?". It's a well-put-together guide of the Coptic language
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