Greetings from Oregon. I have been an evangelical Christian since my childhood, but since learning the Coptic Orthodox faith I want to convert. I am in my late 20s and single, and I also have an overwhelming desire to serve God. I love everything about the COC: its tradition (monasticism, Agpeya prayers, and saints), rituals/sacraments, and its orthodox faith. Desiring to grow spiritually and to make friends, I would like to be a part of this online community.

The Coptic icon I'm using was downloaded from <http://St-Takla.org>.


  • Hi Alex im also joining the Coptic Orthodox Church. Happy to meet you! And God be with you on this journey
    / Miriam
  • Hi Miriam thank you for your kind words.
  • Welcome Alex!

    Have you visited a Coptic Church yet?
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    Hi Mina
    I haven't yet, but do plan on visiting St. Antonious Church in the near future. I watched a video on YouTube that was about helping people understand the liturgy, and was impressed with the deep spiritual meanings. The Coptic Church is full of beauty and truth!
  • Glory be to God!
  • welcome


    our church is my favourite!

  • Hi Mabsoota thanks for welcoming me. Ever since I learned about the Coptic Church wonderful treasures of grace have been discovered. It truly feels like what I've been searching for all my life I've found in the Coptic Church. Y'all are blessed.
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