Inter Religion marriage

hi i am happy to join this forum. I would like to know what to take a Muslim to marry a coptic girl. Thank you


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    If you are Muslim, you must renounce Islam and become a DEVOUT and TRULY BELIEVING Orthodox Christian. The foundation of your conversion must be Christ ALONE and not the Coptic girl you love.

    Learn to fall in love with Christ and His Church, to leave the heresy of Islam, and then THROUGH CHRIST, love the Coptic girl.

    If you are not willing to leave Islam and become an Orthodox Christian, forget about marrying a Coptic girl. Leave her alone and mind your own business.

    Forgive me for being blunt brother, as I think it is dangerous to enter into inter-religious relationships given the violent atmosphere surrounding it. You must first consider your own religion before you consider marriage.
  • i met quite a few people who had mixed religion marriages or who lived together without marriage. all of these relationships failed.
  • Dear Mr Minasoliman

    I resent you comment "Forgive me for being blunt brother, as I think it is dangerous to enter into inter-religious relationships given the violent atmosphere surrounding it"
    stick to the question. Not ALL Muslims are terrorist.
    Thank you 
  • "Dear Mr Minasoliman

    I resent you comment "Forgive me for being blunt brother, as I think it is dangerous to enter into inter-religious relationships given the violent atmosphere surrounding it"
    stick to the question. Not ALL Muslims are terrorist.
    Thank you" has nothing to do with terrorism. The Church simply doesn't allow marriages with unbelievers. This doesn't just refer to Muslims, but also any Christian who is not united with the Coptic Orthodox Church and her sister churches. 
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    Dear babros,

    Sorry brother, but the way you answer with such resentment shows how naive you are.

    Just go and find some al ahram articles and read about many of the reasons Copts get killed in underpopulated areas in Egypt. Then you can see why I'm blunt with you. But don't come here not expecting a brutally honest answer.

    But yes, as Mina said, if you were a Hindu or a Protestant, I'd answer similarly, although I wouldn't worry about interreligious violence with Hindus and Protestants. That's the brutally honest truth. Unless you live in the US, I am going to give you an answer you may not like, but it's the truth. Even Egyptian Muslims I know will agree with me.

    With love,

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    A Muslim has no right to marry I think any Christian by birth but atleast not us ethnic orthodox specifically Copts.Only one who became Christian and it was a true conversion as evidenced through time possibly.

    You should marry a Muslim who converts to orthodoxy. But there are not many so you have to marry a non orthodox Christian. She may convert to orthodoxy if you care for orthodoxy and you can remain orthodox anyway. Even still they are accepted if they are Christian and care for the truth. If no such person is ever available I hope God finds you a christian with experience maybe but you must not pressure and only God knows they are not available likely they are
    If God wills for you to marry a coptic he will make a parent to know you have truly received jesus. You must not pressure any one to do so. Jesus said by their fruits you will know them. A person who truly received Jesus will be proved through different tribulations and it will be evident he does not want to go back to his parents will or his former religion and you will see his feelings are genuine. Some things can only be done through the Holy Spirit therefore you can tell God is changing him
    A true Christian would want to marry a Muslim who converted to Christianity if he can which I believe he can. Maybe they would like to flatter a coptic that they are better. That is not Christianity. No one is better. Those with rivalry will not enter the kingdom according to Galatians and Paul. Also I do not respect coptic girls who never give me a chance but go and marry a Muslim even if he becomes Christian and I don't think they have love to me even if they treat me well their heart still rejects strangers who don't make them look good or certain strangers they should not reject in reality because some things that are rejection are not but are necessary.
    Marriage purpose is not to make you happy because of worldly qualities that is idol worship. It is about gaining a partner to help you fulfill your duties. It should make you happy only to find a partner that loves God and cares about loving others not about competing. Anyway there is more to say but can not think now

    My dad says such a person must be christian for 5 years. My dad does not like that a coptic marries a former Muslim because they can easily deceive. But my dad also thinks it is possible for them to get married but I don't know on what criteria he will accept them and trust them. He said atleast 5 years is good because it means they may not go back to their religion
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  • @Remnkemi....i don't think that's the case. From look at babros account, i think he's a real person :-)
  • Dear Babros,
    I know of many converts from Islam to the Coptic faith due to marriage. At the same time, I've seen some of my Coptic friends leaving Jesus for Islam. Babros, do not just convert blindly for the girl you love. Many Muslims are often disowned by their families after becoming Copt. At the same time, you are putting both you and the girl you love in danger. In such a complicated society, you should allow time for the Coptic faith to grow in you. If you can't feel that zeal to become Coptic, don't risk complicating your relationships. I suggest that you should start discussing with your parents about the Coptic faith. At the same time you can try and change you parents view on Copts. Then, your parents will be more likely to allow you to marry that girl while you give yourself time to let the Coptic faith grow inside you. All the best, may true love be victorious.
  • I follow the armenian church that one can marry any trinitarian christian.
  • Nicholasthecopt This is the first message of encouragement and that make sense. i have been reading a lot about the coptic religion, and i did speak with my parents. Although they have reservation on this subject to a certain point, but they are open to discussion. 
    The only thing that i do not get yet, if i do want to get ahead and marry the girl i love, do i have to be baptised, and does it show in my marriage certificate that i have been baptised? and do i have to go to the church for lessons and such.

    thank you

  • My prayers for your conversion and marriage babros.
    I also pray the Holy Spirit guides you in Christ Jesus that if and when you choose to go ahead with this that you will understand the true meaning of love through God. We look at Jesus on the cross and we can see the hardship of sacrifical love. Things you have to put behind you so you can move forward with Christ as your head leading the way for you. Be open minded so you receive teachings without judgment for the benefit of your heart and conscience.

    May the Lord God be with you.
  • I think marriage and baptism certificates are seperate. Not sure about catechism. You might need to do that.
    I made a big mistake in the weekend where I was asked to be deacon for a wedding this coming weekend by an Ethiopian friend whom is to marry an Indian man. She asked me if I was ready. I had forgotten even though I knew it was soon, and I started talking about how hard marriage is and her face screwed up at my not so positive image that I presented. Far from the romanic state she was in, but I appologized by saying I get too analytical at times which she agreed.
    But it is true in what I said and I did say love is sacrifical. Which means you offer of yourself in order to be one or oneness. Gaining virtus along the way.
    There is somethino in similarity with Muslims and that is repentance. So if you do convert then a good talk with abouna will be great in confession.

    I married an Ethiopian woman, it's not mixed religion but mixed culture which is quite hard because it's not only belief but a life that she had to leave behind. So I went through the struggles and fears and arguments, but all those are sacrifice and in the end it created a depth of love and my heart is there in the right place and I know I would have none of that if it were not that my Lord Jesus Christ had restored me on the course He had set even before I was born.

    God keep you in His peace.
  • Why would anyone with any common sense convert to this stupid Islamic religion??

    I disagree with all the comments. Islam is a religion for terrorists. Go to daesh and find yourself a sex slave and leave this poor christian girl alone.
  • Babros,

    Do you want to be an Orthodox Christian ONLY because you want to get married to a Coptic girl?  Or are you truly finding yourself believing in the faith of Orthodoxy?

    Please be honest.
  • I'm sorry Zoxsasi but I can't see any facts in what you are saying.
    Is the Coptic girl converting to Islam? No
    Quite the opposite in babros wanting to convert to Orthodoxy.
    Is the girl poor? We don't know.

    It seems you are playing to fears for the sake of protecting her when from observations there is a mutual love and that babros is simply stating the obstacles.
    Mixed marriage is differcult enough but it starts with free will then guided from there and not to be placed into the deep end by fear. Oh these marriages fail. No its not for us to judge but support by God's grace in our council.
  • Zoxsasi. Please don't step on my foot. I don't need you or your comments. That clearly shows how ignorant you are. So please stay away and watch how people understand and discuss a problem.
  • Any one? I am seeking advice here to my questions, 
  • babros, i don't think you'll find a better an answer than what minasoliman said. Anyone who is Muslim is no difference than anyone who is not Christian.

    What other answer are you looking for exactly? Do you have a specific assumption that we can discuss here?
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    I'm going to repeat what I last wrote:

    Do you want to be an Orthodox Christian ONLY because you want to get married to a Coptic girl? Or are you truly finding yourself believing in the faith of Orthodoxy?

    Please be honest. If you're ignoring this, then you need to reevaluate your purpose in life, whether you live for a creature or the Creator. And if you can't handle the criticism of some of the Coptic brothers here in questioning you, then you are not worthy or ready to stand before the Coptic girl's father who will not show mercy in his questions to you.

    If you really love her, love Christ first who created her and you and dwells in her. Readjust your spiritual priorities. And be ready to endure ANY criticism or even insults for the sake of Christ with love and patience. If you react emotionally at our questions to you, then how will we trust you truly believe in the Church and in Christ?
  • what most people are saying is that you should either change your religion because you believe that is the correct faith, and stay with that religion even if you don't marry this lady,
    or marry someone from your religion (if you don't want to change your religion).

    changing your religion IN ORDER to get married is not recommended, not for anyone in any religion. it just doesn't work.
  • You may of framed your first question a bit awkwardly and has lead to the asumption that the woman you confess to love is all you care about and that is your primary motivation.
    What would it take to marry her?
    Shared faith is of course the answer, and that answer is a very serious thing and that is why some people are concerned about your motives.

    Apart from that, I am wondering what the reason is that you haven't spoken about this with the woman is the relationship between you honest is that you can share your thoughts with her.
    Before I was married I spent one year in engagement which meant we were friends and that is as far as it went for that year.
    You may need to talk a bit more with her before deciding which way and what your doing if you are thinking about planning anything and that God is central to it all.
  • Joshuaa
    Thank you 
  • Joshuaa
    Thank you 
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