Question for a Paper on Mental Health in Religion/Culture

Hey everyone! I wanted to ask you all a favor.

For one of my
classes I'm writing a paper about mental health and how it can be
affected by different perspectives and/or taboos/stigmas across various
religions and ethnic cultures. I was wondering if people could please tell me (either here or in inbox, up to you) a bit about how you see mental
health/mental illness being responded to both within our Coptic community and within the general Egyptian community (including non-Copts). 

ie. do you notice a general supportive response, a more stigmatized response, a neutral response to the general idea of mental health? Or such a response to the idea of seeking medical help for mental illnesses? 

Thanks guys! 


  • I work in Mental Health and could help you out. Although I am not ethnically Copt, I do serve as a Deacon and have seen how our community deals with such issues. If you need some help, message me if you wish.
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