Need your prayers!

Hello everybody,

I need your prayers (especially yours Mabsoota as a righteous persons prayers avail much).

  I'm having a conflict with my management at work. I'm going to have a meeting with him but I'm being totalily been put on the defensive. At this meeting I'm going to stick with the life Christ has given me and try and not give into the fears that management give me. I do things because of love not because of fear and that I seek peace and not the power struggles of parent/child relationships because I'm not a child.
  I also want the ability to be honest with myself at all times and this means not to have the false dignity that others do  and that I have a right not to share false dignity. Dignity is the veiw of worth in honour and respect. It is like a drunk person whom confesses their name and says I am an alcoholic. That person no longer uses dignity as protection but becomes honest as to their state. A state where the alcoholic no longer judges others according to their false dignity. Mangement are like that for business reasons as they have to show customers that they are good. But as far as I'm concerned it needs to reflect what is behind the scenes as well. That's its just not for show. That the honour and respect they think they have is reflective in the way we are treated.
 Please pray for me. 
  My mangement told me that he measures his success by money. My belief is that humans are more complicated than that and not the use of an ends to a means.
  But please pray for me!


  • may the prayers of the saints and martyrs be with you.

    God has blessed me with much work related conflict. it is a blessing because you can't obey the commandment to love your enemies if you have no enemies!

    really you need to pray for your enemies, which is very hard but very rewarding. a wise monk priest taught me that. when you prayer with tears for their salvation, you no longer fear them.

    may God give you wisdom to know when to make your point and when to be humble and accept unjust criticism.

  • Thank you mabsoota
    I felt like crying just knowing you replyed.
    Thank you also for the wise words and to let you know I am always forgiving of everyone. Forgivement builds trust and that in my prayer and following God's commandments and wisdom I become strong and more equiped to help them.
    I have an older sister who is into drugs and was with gangs when I was young. So because she had being bad, I was good, and always forgiving as I always loved her no matter what. Same applys to those outside my family.
     My workplace needs to deal with a bullying problem and needs to be honest about it.

       God bless your good deeds and the wisdom given to you.
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    May Christ strengthen you and the prayers of the Theotokos comfort you!
  • Thanks Mina.
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