Christians in China

Some interesting articles about our brothers and sisters in China. I hope to learn more about the christians in China. If anyone has any information, any thoughts or want to join me in this study, welcome!

" The Chinese Communist Party once tried to destroy religion. It failed.

And today, according to some estimates, there are more Christians in China than Communist Party members. Up to 100 million will be celebrating across China this Easter weekend.

But what it failed to destroy, the Party still wants to control. So, an officially atheist government effectively runs its own churches and controls the appointment of its own priests. "

"As christians are the largest social force not controlled by the Communist Party in China, there are increasing efforts to bring them under state control"

"First, a disclaimer. I can’t tell you what anything in China is really like—that is, unless we’re comfortable with saying it’s like a bunch of contradictory things all at the same time. A faithful and honest description of Chinese Christianity will be nuanced and somewhat paradoxical, not definitive and one-sided. "


  • I remember a debate between a Coptic youth and a American atheist youth.All atheists say that religion is bad but when become goverment they kill and hunt all religious peoople.This happened in Russia in the past.Now hapoened in China.The atheist goverment want destroy christianity but christianity is in rise with many and many youths Chinese keave atheism and become christians.The Chinese was born in Atheism and know the evil face of atheism and now this ia the reason who leave atheism and become christians.
  • I know many about the rise of atheism in atheist china.
  • 1 million.In 2015 was 70-100 million.   
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