How Egypt become muslim country?

I am not Coptic yet but i want answer this.Egypt before Arabs was christian country.After become muslim country.But what Century?How?


  • Why you want to learn if you are not Copt?Tge majority of Copts become Myslims after 9th-11th century.I hope here find answer:
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    Egypt became Muslim over a period of centuries. The Ottoman Empire came into Egypt around the 6th century. It took about 300 years for Islam to become the official state religion, where it stayed until Nepolian overtook Egypt in the late 18th century.

    Egypt was slowly converted, as Coptic was replaced by Arabic as the common language. For centuries, a westerner would not even think of Egypt as one of the first Holy See's of Christianity.

    It was not until after World War II and the end of English, French, and Italian colonization of the near east and Africa, that Christians in Egypt became widely known due to the immigration of Egyptian Christians to western countries in the mid 20th century.

    Now, with improvement in travel and technology, especially in regards to communication, more of us in the West are beginning to learn how Egypt had a flourishing and learned Christian culture, and how Christians in Egypt are still being persecuted and killed, almost as a common occurrence.

    Their own hospitality towards Muslims (Mainly due to persecution from Calcedonian Christian), who fought off the Calcedonian Christians from persecuting Copts, caused Egypt to slowly progress into an Arab nation.
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