Modern saints alive

Hello does anyone now of any saints who were like pope kyrillos, Tamav Irene etc.... that are live today? Are there any that are in America? It could be a monk or a laymen.


  • they are not labelled saints untill death, so no!
  • What I meant was if there were any monks/priests/bishops who do signs and wonders such as those similar to pope Kyrillos or tamav Irene. I was wandering if there any still alive today.
  • they should be allowed to stay hidden so they are not tempted by pride. pride is extremely dangerous.
    but yes there are those who our Lord gives the gift of miracles and prophecy.
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    The most recent would be Abouna Fanous, although he recently reposed in April of 2016.

    My wife and my Priest can attest that his hands were so bright, he needed to wear gloves. In fact, when my wife was a child, she asked her mother why Abouna was wearing socks on his hands!
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