Pharaonic Institute for Coptic Music

In the early/mid 20th Century, there was/is a group called "The Pharaonic Institute for Coptic Music" who created a number of recordings of Coptic Hymns.   These recordings are among some of the most beautiful and some of the oldest known recordings of our Coptic Hymns.

I also know that in the 1950s and 1960s, and ethnomusicologist by the name of Martha Roy did a lot of work archiving Eastern music, which was compiled by Laura Boulton.  Some of the Pharaonic Institute's works are on these recordings.  I have a contact at an academic library who has access to these reels and who is working on digitizing them for me. 

Regarding the Pharaonic Institute, they don't seem to be active anymore, however they do have a Facebook page.  From what I can gather they seem to be in the same vein as Ensemble David.  But that's just from listening, I don't have any other information regarding their mission, formation, contribution, or what they're doing now.

1. Does anyone have any info on this group?  How they were formed and if they're still operational?

2. Where could one get access to some of their recordings.  I see that there are a few 78rpm gramophone records floating around.  But other than that, there's very little out there.  

There might be more info out there in Arabic, but I'm only an English speaker. 

Blessings and peace to all,



  • Hi, i cant contribute any information unfortunately. I just want to join in the discussion as I too find this to be interesting and of high value. Hope someone has any information
  • Here is a youtube video that has one of their recordings, this is the only thing available for public consumption that I have found: 

  • Bumping this up to see if anyone else has come across this group, and may have more info, thanks!
  • Any updates at all? I'd love to hear more recordings!
  • This is the only other recording I know of
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