Atheist crimies

Now i speak with an egyptian atheist blogger.The blogger was born as muslim but become atheist.He say me that Islam is a dangerous religion.He say that Catholic christianity in the past make crimies but he say that cant find orthodox christian crimies or coptic crimies.I say to him that i can find atheist crimies.In Soviet union and french revolution atheists kill many peoople more than catholic church.
He say that this crimies become from exchristians atheists not exmuslims atheists.What i must answer to him?


  • Most violence committed in history, even by Catholics have absolutely nothing to do with religion:

    That is not to say religion is not a factor.  But it's not the major factor, and many times, it is simply an add-on to something non-religious in its central cause.  Violence and wars occur because we are fallen humans.  To even indirectly blame Christianity for "exChristian atheists" who cause violence is actually very laughable and does not deserve a response.

    Now, if there is a religion that promotes killing for a particular cause, then yes, that is dangerous.  But Christianity at its core promotes a different philosophy, in which most Christians actually do not want to practice:  loving the enemy and dying for them.
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