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I find this in internet. [ edited by admin ].I think this blogger make mistake.Homosexuality is against the coptic teaching.But the blogger say me that is Coot because he is christian.This is true.To be a person Copt must be christian.But homosexual?


  • No of course not. The blogger is a gay Copt, but probably not in communion with the Church, but his main purpose is to try to find and bring others like him into the same comfort zone and bring awareness of their existence to the broader Coptic community. In addition, there is most probably a push from this same group to change the Church's moral teachings.

    I've spoken to other gay people in other Orthodox Churches who do not want to change the moral teachings of the Church, but rather the approach in dealing with homosexual people. For instance, we seem to be more forgiving of other sexual sins more than homosexuality, and in that I can sympathize with their issues, since we tend to shun them by all means. But unfortunately many times the discussion revolves around the possibility to compromise the moral doctrine of the Church, and that tends to end any further discussion, since this is out of the question.
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