Is Al Sisi look like antichrist? want the opinion of all Copts.As Egyptian Muslim who convert to christianity secret and live in Egypt i dont believe that Al Sisi is antichrist.


  • There is no "the" antichrist, but MANY antichrists. And very simply antichrist is anything or anyone in the world that tries to take you away from the gospel. A person can be his/her own antichrist by his/her non-repentance.

    The blogger sounds like a Protestant who still spews silly beliefs that depends on a millennial earthly kingdom. Ignore him.
  • There are many orthodox who believe there will be an actual antichrist
  • And there is a belief in a millenial heavenly kingdom that seems to be true in contrast to the belief in an earhtly one

    These are important points that needs to be examined and prayed about

    If there will be an antichrist it will have too much consequences and we cant ignore this possibility
  • Ok.Thanks.
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