Hello All!

I'm new to this forum but decided I had to join immediately after reading some threads!

I've been researching Orthodoxy (Eastern) for a number of years but have always found myself too far from a Church until now. I live a few blocks away from one here in Idaho. I've been looking into Oriental Orthodoxy now for a while and I'm sad to find out that there is no Church nearby. I would like to experience it. I haven't been baptized in any denomination yet. I guess I'm holding out for the right one...?

Anyways, this looks like a friendly community and I hope to learn more as time goes on.

A quick question though. Let's say I'm convinced that OO is the way to go but there is no Church around, would going to an EO Church be okay?

In Christ,


  • Hi ntbrander! Im so happy you joined and i hope you will be happy by being here. Welcome brother!

    I will get baptised soon in the Coptic Church, so im right there with you on the way

    Im not the right one to answer the question, but hope someone here will give you a good answer. There are many here who know much about this for sure

    God bless you and your time here,
  • Hello ntbrandner
    I just looked it up on the Internet and it says there is a Coptic church at this address: 28445 Port side Avenue, Boise, Idaho 83706.
    Hope you aren't too far away. God bless you in your search.
  • I think all peoople not only Copts must learn about orthodix christianity.
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