Hi, im new here

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  • hey welcome to the site, im george, im sorta new 2. if u need anything let me know. my screen name in G.J.I.
    i have this website brings u closer to God, ans answers alot of ur questions.
    God be with u.
  • Thank you for ur welcome :). i will try and ask as much as i can, cause i need to learn more. :)
  • Hi,

    Do not worry about asking, that's what these forums are for... for us to learn from each other.

    And we ALL need to learn alot more, not just you.

    Most of all we should pray for each other that we grow in the faith and love of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Please Pray for me.

    God bless... ;)
  • Hey, I'm Peter, I think I joined just about the same time you did. I think the site is pretty cool and helpful. My IM is copticpeter2 let me know if you need anything
  • You've been already added! :) thank you
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