Coptic Orthodox Bible?

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Hi everyone,

Is there a Coptic Orthodox Bible that is for sale if so let me know because as of now I'm using the Orthodox Study Bible.

In Christ,


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    We don't have a Coptic Orthodox Bible in English. We do have bibles written in Coptic though.
  • Minasoliman,

    Do you know where I could buy one?

    In Christ,
  • Oh I'm not sure it's that widely publishable, but if @Remnkemi and others might help out with websites of various versions.
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    hmmmm. there isn't really a full Bible in Coptic. The Bible has always been read in church through the years rather then a book to be studies or interpreted outside the church, specifically in liturgical services. That being said, we have a couple of full books that has been collected but some groups. Remnkemi will give more details on that. 
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