How does sin affect our salvation or service

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If I do the sins of youth will God choose not to give me knowledge and guidance for myself or for others because I have heard it affects service.
If I am righteous and not just do the righteous act of praying for others does that help others salvation or just make others more holy than one needed to be or have a better life on earth? but is it the praying that makes it so or the righteous living? St John says not to pray for those who commit sin leading to death. Does that mean their sin does not lead to death even if I don't pray for them but it makes their life better? 
Does the prayer of a father of confession help his son rise from a fall because he is righteous?
The Psalm says a good understanding have all those who do His commandments. So the more we sin are we further ignorant of all the other things we will have to do to be saved? as Jesus said He who has will be given more but he who does not have even what he seems to have will be taken away from him. And does God want to guide us step by step like the pillar of cloud. The daily bread ? Even if we are saved even if we fall often we won't be as fruitful but we may be sinning too often to not even be saved because even if the distance is small to be saved we may not even walk that distance


  • If been righteous is doing something right, then sin is doing it a wrong way. If you do something the wrong and you want to do correctly, first you have to forgive yourself so the wrong way is looked upon as a mistake that you can correct. Doing something wrong has its consequences, so it becomes a learning process within ourselves to get the best out of ourselves. What is good; kindness, love, these are what God helps us to learn, being a teacher. If you were in a class and ignoring the teacher, you are separated from him and learning nothing. It would be wrong, so it would be a sin. How can you reconcile to get yourself to the learning processes. Forgive the wrong doing and start afresh. It then becomes a change in participation from the idleness of the former you. You are closer to the teacher and understand more of what he is teaching. Things like idleness has its own rewards which normally aren't good because we lose energy and awareness.
    God always helps us to regain what is lost but He uses our free will to teach us His will. After we sin He says sin no more. This is an expectation against the free will because He has just taught a very valuable lesson. To love.
  • Thankyou Joshuaa :)
    I like the analogy of teacher to student
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    I think sin not leading to death just means sins that it is not too late to save people from. I think it is not to make one more holy than he needs to be but for what he needs to be
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