Anselm of Canterbury.

Anselm of Canterbury, who was a Benedictine monk, also accredited with been the founder of Scholasticism and the originator of onotolgical theory was in my humble opinion, taking the church on a wrong course.
  Scolasticism is the critical thought in which was debated the existance of God - ontological arguement. My problem is God never asked us to do that. The problem in doing so is that it brings the ego into what God is about. The ego searches for perfection, while God is perfection. In debating aboutt what is the perfect answer, the processes for obtaining what is perfect get put back by the ego. This is why Anselm of Canterbury, who became the founder of the modern university which took over from the monastic university, took the church  in a different path of which had been formily of the processes of God ( doing what God wants). Moses asked who God was and accepted His reply and being without alot of questions into the being of God.
   The processes are more important because they build up to what is perfect. That is why I don't agree with athiests and protestants. On the one hand, athiests (who make the ego an idol) see the world, study it and come up that it is beutiful and obtain wisdom from the ego, on which they debate endlessly. Because their wisdom is from the prosesses of the  ego and  not from the processes of God. God as creator, created the universe, this is a process. We can argue if the world was flat or round, or how things are formed, or what they are made up of, but all these are part of the ego. It wants the perfect answer. For a christian the answer is the world and it's lustful desires are passing away and those who perform the will of God live forever. The performing is a process. Sacraments and the doctrine that supports them are the processes of God, the doing and not so much the intellectual processes which come from the ego.
   This is the problem with protestants in that they have debated about what God is according to the intellectaul ego and that is why they did away with the processes (most of the sacraments) and come up with what is perfect for them by the combination of the ego with the word of God. So they have Jesus on the cross saving them without the processes of being saved ie sacrament of confession. They have debated it and come up with a perfect solution to salvation. It is not perfect because the part coming from their ego, that is in their spirituality, misses the message and the fullness of the processes, namely the workings of God in the sacraments. Having intellectualising God brings God to the ego and thus to whatever is the perfect way for the time. It is inconsistant. For, whatever is modern changes and so do the paths they have that lead to God. God is in their ego and not the living process of Him being in us where the Holy Spirit does it's works.

  Would it be best if instead of debating with them, lead the life in the processes that God gave us through Himself to the apostles, to us. This is tradition, something delivered and passed on, straight from the sender to the one whom recieves.


  • I wish this post deleted please as see peace with Anselm and not to have jjudgement on him.
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    I believe Protestants are Christian but even if you do not think so it is not our job to judge anyone even non Christians and sinners because they may have in a sense an excuse or not. But we try not to hinder them from being righteous even non Christians or sinners incase they need to to be saved for God to reveal the truth to them as he sent peter to Cornelius at right circumstance or to receive the truth because they are righteous because some won't receive because they can't forgive themselves of the sins of their past but they will if they are atleast righteous as Christians accepting that they are sinners but not the worst sinners or we do not judge to not prevent them from being a saint. Those who have sinned may not follow Jesus because they think they lost something they think they had the right to as the Christian had. They also may not receive even an angel who preaches to them if the angel says who is going to hell and while they are sinners more

    The sinners may have the excuse they have a father or mother who was treated badly by Christians or not fairly in life and/or by others and died lost because of not being treated well. So his parent and some may have an excuse or no one will we do not know. We leave judgement to God. It is His job. He has said you need to repent and believe in Him and have His body and blood but one can hope His words can be explained to satisfy our conscience but we do not know. We do not deny that the bible may teach there is only one chance now but we leave it to God to judge and convict
    Still to that person he harms no one by being Christian and living right he helps the living. We should have empathy to his feelings by saying this but we should also remind them they should follow God leaving the dead to him because you won't offend the living unless they do not want to repent because no one living can do anything about the dead unless you are from another religion family in which case they may feel you are betraying them by leaving what they think is the truth and are therefore not helping them repent (but it maybe opposite you may help them repent but I am confused)
    But the sinner may not have the excuse not to repent like the non Christian because you should only care for the living but we can hope so not pass full judgement but some so all you can pass some judgement as possibility but not as knowing for sure

    I know Jesus said those who eat His body will be raised in the last day and without eating His flesh we have no life in us but I think everyone even non Christians can be righteous to a degree but it is not from fruit of Holy Spirit pope Shenouda explains this I think. They have to discipline their body all the time but the Christian can completely be purified from sin and rise from it so self control to them is natural
    This seems to mean only orthodox and catholic will be raised at the last day or does the last day mean when one dies he goes to paradise but if not maybe people need communion to be saints but those who were confused if they need to be orthodox can be given communion after death and be saved because they did not reject it they can repent then God can give second chance but he may not eliminate the past except that which is done from weakness because of no sacraments but I don't know about that either he will nor eliminate the list of enjoyment of sin wilful sin he gives them grace not to sin even non Christian but not grace of Holy Spirit
    God can test them without them being aware they are dead. He can send them miracles and so on
    to complete work we did not do which we will be judged on
    So they won't be saints perhaps but they will be saved

    I think Protestants are saved because according to traditional theology unlike non Christians who may know the truth but do not convert for love of parents Protestants would but they don't know they need to be orthodox because God doesn't demand them to be because he cares about all in Christ but scripture encourages them with proper preparation

    Protestants should submit to God will of the sacraments but only God knows if they deserve judgement they don't seem to.
    I am more optimistic about them than non Christians. Scriptures does not definitely condemn them unless strict interpretation of being raised in last day only to those who partake of the Lord body and blood .It is vague. Perhaps some sins are forgiven in the world to come. The man who cast out demons in Jesus name in Jesus time was said to be in some sense on Jesus side. Could Jesus mean he is accepted. Paul said grace to all who call on the Lord Jesus in every place. Atleast he wants to encourage their walk and trusts in God to show them the full truth.
    I accept Protestants and pinge my salvation on it because it seems right for me to do because it is what I think is true according to my conscience and is not a struggling block also to non Christians

    I may not be completely accurate or agree with this post later. Maybe wish to say it differently or omit some
    Maybe I feel also it is more effective to tell all you need Christ otherwise you leave confused non Christian children we are not faithful to them
    Maybe it is our job as orthodox atleast the leaders of the church
  • I believe protestant are Christens Mike but that they do have the fullness of Christ or the Trinity. A Christian is someome who follows Christ. .
    As I sometimes get to pray in the confession is: Pray for us and for all Christians who said us concerning them, "Remember us (in the house of the Lord)."

    In the post I was was trying to point out a inadvertant problem of changing from a monasic university where there was an accepted unity in Christ to a scolastic university where things are debated. I veiw the debate as the problem because it bought ego into it. The consequences are we have universities that are worldly and protestants who debated the message of God. The loss of the monastic university is sad but the world had to progress and all this God knows, but I am sorry if I bought any judgement upon anyone. Therefore I wish to leave this in peace.
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    Thankyou I agree :)
  • I have noticed that I made a typo: I meant that they do not have the fullness of Christ or the Trinity having faith only and other omportant matters. Hope you understood that anyway Mike. I think of that part of the confession when I chant it because I wish they knew. It's hard to be humble and defend being so. But we are not to change our tradition as orthodox means to go straight.
  • If you want to see how protestants see eating His body I think the forerunner commentary by the bereans is a good start. The commentary is below the bible passage. They seem to agree you need to take communion but they also think you can digest Him

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    Also I am sorry but I do not think I should be preaching that unrepentant sinners ever will be excused or non christian. 

    The bible says do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom? Therefore we have to take it seriously we all need to repent.
    It is not judging for God knows who accepts Him in His final breath and when he is dead God knows His heart also as I said about protestants who don't take communion because they may have a somewhat excuse God can give them communion and do miracles to them them not knowing they are dead but they are less worthy than protestants perhaps not loving God more than parents on earth and they made that full decision on earth. That is assuming any may have an excuse not treated fair according to God but not many or maybe none have an excuse and non christians have to be fearful for loss of their salvation just as christians and none should assume he can repent after death or just live evil and then believe in jesus at the end.
    Or it is probably right to judge people who till their last breath refuse to believe in and confess Christ no matter the circumstances
  • Not to judge them Mike. Judgement has consequences; if your judgement is righteous then with Jesus it would show love and goodness in it's correction, but if it about condemning without opportunity for change, then no. I wouldn't go any further with them for the sake of peace. This post is about what the consequences of starting debating brought. I guess it had to be because Anslem was defending the existence of God. That is why I'm saying the consequences were inadvertant.

    Yes protestants have communion but it is only symbolic. I see in that blog that that man quoted Leviticus. He focased on the sacrifice and that we are not to have blood as this will make us guilty. So then it's not real blood. But if we read Leviticus 17:11 For the life of the flesh is in the blood, and I have given it to you upon the alter to make atonement for your souls, for it is the blood that makes atonement for soul.
    We share in Jesus Christ's blood in the real sense for the fall of Adam that our souls share in Christ's divinity and this gives us a real unity and life with God.
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    I agree but why do they atleast think you need to take it
    About Protestants and non Christians they are not excused if because they don't know they need to be orthodox to be saved they think they can sin but Protestants who would have become orthodox may be worthy of communion as we are by preparation but after death for them and they are worthy only because they choose to be righteous and love God more than parents but they feel God may think they stumble their parents if they convert though they may be wrong about that
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